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Five Factors to Consider When Selecting an Asphalt Paving Contractor

Maybe the climatic changes caused your ground to shift, cracking your driveway. Or it may have simply worn down from abuse and heavy use. Regardless of the reason, you should replace or repair your pavement. Selecting the right commercial asphalt paving contractor can save you money, time and provide an asphalt surface that can last for decades.

Nation Wide Paving has been offering quality paving services to services to commercial and Industrial clients since 1989. Along with Asphalt Paving, we also provide other services such as:


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We can undertake any project and our experienced crew can handle any challenge that can happen on-site. 

In this blog, our expert technicians have explained the factors you should know before hiring an Asphalt Paving Contractor.

1. Experience

It is crucial that your contractors know exactly how to lay a surface with care and accuracy. That sort of knowledge comes from years of experience. In terms of paving, your company should also be knowledgeable about the material you want for the surface.

Several companies set up shop under a new name to get around negative reviews. Certain companies hire people off the street and send them for paving jobs. Such instances make it crucial for you to choose a paving company that has been around for a while.

2. Clear Understanding of Layman’s Terms 

Contractors should ensure that they give clear and understandable explanations for specialized terms to be on the same page with their customers. 

As a customer, you should ask as many questions as you want to before hiring. A reputable company will be happy to listen to your queries and provide answers.

3. References That Give Confidence

It is not enough if a company representative tells you that the company does excellent work. It is necessary for him or her to prove it to you. Since the best evidence is a job well done, it’s important that you ask for references of past clients with similar projects. 

4. Usage of Sufficient Amount of Quality Asphalt

All asphalt jobs are not the same. The quality of the material used and the care with which they are laid are major elements that help in deciding the longevity of your surface.

For a driveway, your contractor will have to lay a full-depth asphalt surface and the job typically involves four inches of recycled concrete blend aggregate along with two inches of asphalt. Meanwhile, the nature of work for a parking lot and other structures will be different. 

Your paving contractor should analyze your property and plan to determine the necessary asphalt depth. It is important to note that commercial-grade asphalt lasts longer than residential grade.

5. Handling Drainage

A poorly made driveway can be disastrous for your property’s water management. It may cause water to pool towards your building. Experienced contractors know how to handle drainage: they build bases that support drainage and design slopes for accommodating runoffs. 

Before hiring a paving contractor, enquire what drainage plans will be used during the project.

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